Introducing the Maverick Fitness Team

Meet the fitness experts ready to help you achieve your fitness goals and your potential.

Our Founder

Founder of Maverick Strength

Cody Abbey

“In most group situations you’re basically on your own. But with us, you’ll get strong, individual support from Day One.” -Cody Abbey Founder, Maverick Fitness One of the biggest reasons why I chose to offer group fitness versus 1 on 1 personal training is an incredible energy that a group can generate. It’s a very motivating and inspiring atmosphere to be a part of! But being in a group can also have drawbacks. For one thing, you might feel intimidated by people around you who seem to be a lot more advanced and who get all the attention. It can make you feel like the kid in the back of class who’s ignored while the teacher focuses on just a few star students. If that’s how you feel, I feel for you. Along with the other trainers at Maverick Fitness, I truly care about each member of the group and how they’re doing. So you’ll receive as much individual attention as you need every time you work out with us. I think you’ll find that we, as trainers, are very patient and know how to help you get past whatever hurdle is in your way. As one client of mine put it: “We are all equally important here. In the field of fitness, that’s a new feeling for me.” It all starts with our on-boarding process. Anytime you’re doing something new, like starting a new job, you need someone to give you an orientation, to show you the ropes.

That’s what you’ll receive when you join one of our groups – a 4-step on-boarding process in which we’ll discuss your goals and expectations, evaluate your current fitness levels, and equip you with confidence and know-how to THRIVE during our group training.

Our Professional Coaches

Mike Kikals

I come from a background of extreme sports. Specifically motocross, mountain biking, and snowboarding. After doing these activities for a majority of my life I found myself beginning to "plateau".

As an experiment, I started strength training to hope to improve my skills in motocross racing. After only 3 months I saw a huge improvement in my endurance and all other physical aspects of my life. It was like finding the missing piece to a puzzle. My posture changed, I put on muscle mass, my energy levels were higher, and I just felt better overall. After seeing the benefits outside of the gym, I knew strength training was going to remain in my regime from here on out.
Not too far into my training career I showed some interest and was given the opportunity to do some group coaching. Since I’d had some experience in other fields of coaching (motocross schools for kids) I was happy to jump in. Ultimately this became a career shift. I couldn’t be happier to now be a full time fitness coach. Now I get to help my clients change their lives, which is hands down the most full filling part of my job. Best decision I ever made!

• CrossFit Level 1
• Kilo Strength Program Design Level 1
• Pre-Script Level 1 Coaching
• CPPS Level 1

Jessica Taylor

What inspires me to move?
Feeling strong and capable of tough things. Physically and mentally. Longevity. It's also my creative outlet, my play time.

What does my training look like?
The bulk of my own training is strength and weights in the gym or more sandbags and kettle bells when it’s warm and I can train outside. I also incorporate lots of mobility training and yoga style movement. I love being outside, camping, hiking and being barefoot as much as possible.

– Bachelor in Exercise, Sports and Rehabilitation
– Masters in Nutrition (in progress)
– Personal Trainer
– 200 Yoga TT
– Fascial Stretch Therapy

Mindy Sjogren

What inspires me to work out? I started to exercise because of my desire to be physically stronger. What I didn't realize at the time was that mental and emotional fitness is also a benefit of gaining strength. Showing up for myself by making time for fitness during difficult times in my life has given me the ability to get through the hard stuff from a place of stability and security. Showing up means you believe in yourself. Coaching is a joy to me because it allows me to encourage and support others to do the same. All you have to do is show up.

Aszjeca Burden

Client Success Manager